Eclat Customer Success by Industry


Eclat works with financial firms to not only provide them with the technology they need to assist in the management of their customer’s wealth but to do so with security in mind. Our apps and cloud solutions are provided with privacy and security of customer data as a top priority. With our services, your customers can make their financial transactions through you not only quickly but with the assurance of safety.


Technology and IT services are a major part of any manufacturing plant today. Not only that, automobiles are becoming more reliant on cutting-edge technology. At Eclat, we build and support technologies that assist firms involved with the automotive industry. Whether it’s implementing CRM systems that improves customer experience or employing database technologies to manage inventory, we have a solution for you.

Oil & Gas

Digital transformation is affecting an industry traditionally slow to adapt new IT solutions. Cloud computing and IoT in particular are trends that the oil & gas industry is picking up on. Eclat provides innovative IoT solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, making sure your sensors and other electronic equipment are fully networked. Our cloud services make sense of all the data and analyzes it to let determine the optimal way to drill and perform other functions.

Mfg & Dist

As a M&D firm, it is vital that your chain of operation is streamlined. Eclat has the technical expertise to streamline and optimize your workflows and production chains. With our tech solutions, we enable you to track and monitor your supply chains, leading to savings in manufacturing costs and more efficiency in production. These solutions will be deployed via the cloud which our consultants are experts in.


Eclat has extensive experience working with government agencies at all levels, from local to state to federal. Our past clients have included the Air Force, the Department of Justice, and the state of North Carolina. We utilize our expertise with database systems to make it easier to navigate and work with the large amounts of data you produce and analyze day to day. We also follow security best practices to protect the sensitive data you process and store.