Java Embeded

    Oracle Java SE Embedded

  • High performance virtual machine
  • Enables development of reliable, portable embedded applications
  • Deployment infrastructure
  • Rich set of features and libraries
  • Oracle Java Embedded Suite

  • Brings middleware capabilities to embedded devices
  • Persistent and reliable storage
  • Web-based interfaces for device management
  • Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded

  • Pushing fast data capabilities to edge devices
  • Tailored for deployment on gateways
  • Cascading deployments of event processing from device to data center
  • Oracle Java ME Embedded

  • Optimized for small devices
  • Support for on-the-fly application updates and remote operation
  • Extend the lifetime, flexibility and value of embedded solutions
  • Java Card

  • Secure environment for applications on smart cards, and very small devices
  • Deploy multiple applications on a single card or add new even after card is issued
  • Unique tools for developing new products
  • Java ME

  • Robust, flexible environment for mobile and embedded applications
  • Built-in network protocols and security
  • Portable across many devices yet leverages each device's native capabilities

What We Do ?

Éclat’ helps companies design, develop and integrate business solutions based on evolving technologies. Our Services include the development of new applications, features, extensions, enhancements, interfaces, and upgrades for existing and emerging business operations.

Through a combined on-site/offshore approach, we provide the framework for application development outsourcing plus the assurance that solutions meet customer specifications and are delivered on time and within budget.


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