Éclat is a full service IT provider that offers highly industrialized, underpinned by robust SLAs, based on industry-standard best practices, and delivered by a cost-effective mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore resources across different technologies. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies across industries like maritime, shipping, health-care, petro-chemicals, defense and more.

Éclat’s dedication to constant innovation and commitment to continuous improvement and value generation makes us one of the most sought-after IT Service providers in the region. We have multiple Business Models in the Application Outsourcing Department that help clients reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility and scalability. At Éclat we support clients jump-start growth and achieve greater responsiveness to always-shifting markets, delivering models that allow them to move away from complex and inefficient IT environments.

Éclat’s Business Models

Bulk-Operate Transfer Model

We build and operate an off-site facility on the customer’s behalf and build customized software solutions that cater to customer’s unique requirements. Once the project reaches maturity, we handover the facility and all resources to the client.

Fixed Price Model

The customer pays a fixed pre-negotiated price for the finished product which is customized.

Hybrid Model

While the main portion of the project has a fixed price to it, time and material resources are deployed as and when required to help the customer’s ROI.

Time & Material Model

The customer pays a fixed hourly rate as we work alongside their existing team.

Dedicated Development Model

The customer pays a fixed monthly rate for the Éclat team to work with their own software engineering facility.

What We Do ?

Éclat’ helps companies design, develop and integrate business solutions based on evolving technologies. Our Services include the development of new applications, features, extensions, enhancements, interfaces, and upgrades for existing and emerging business operations.

Through a combined on-site/offshore approach, we provide the framework for application development outsourcing plus the assurance that solutions meet customer specifications and are delivered on time and within budget.


  • Microsoft
  • Java
  • Sap
  • Oracle

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