SAP HANA simplifies IT landscapes by breaking down the barriers between transactional and analytics applications and allowing real-time analysis of operational data.

A combination of hardware and software, SAP HANA is delivered as an optimized appliance allowing instant access to massive volumes of structured and unstructured data. Whether clients are planning to deploy S/4 HANA (that includes Simple Finance) Business Suite, BW, Business Objects, 3rd party analytics solutions or other real-time applications on SAP HANA, Éclat’s experts have the experience to guide them on every step of the journey.

Uniquely, Éclat brings together skilled SAP analytics and application practitioners with our preferred hardware infrastructure experts to deliver true end-to-end SAP HANA solution capability. Using our proven methodology, Éclat will work with clients to identify the workloads which will benefit most from an in-memory platform, the returns they can expect to achieve, the architecture needed for a highly available real-time environment and the full scope of a comprehensive implementation plan.

At Éclat we support clients with proof of concept appliances to give them the confidence that the real-time solution delivers tangible business benefits. Éclat’s team will lead engagements from the initial sizing of SAP HANA and configuration of the appliance through to the installation and customization of the hardware, software and application environments. Post installation, we deliver on-going services ranging from remote monitoring and management of the real-time solution in a client's data center to a fully hosted SAP HANA solution. All of this is designed to help our clients maximize the benefits they get from the investment in SAP HANA while minimizing time-to-value and doing all of that in a cost-effective way.

We are now offering a free of charge Proof of Concept (POC) service to clients wishing to explore the benefits of SAP HANA. This gives you the freedom to explore, with Éclat’s expert guidance use cases including the following:

  • The value of S/4 HANA - SAP's next generation business suite (that includes Simple Finance)
  • HANA as a development platform
  • HANA as an analytics platform (including BW on HANA and HANA Live)
  • Intensive, long running business scenarios

The POC programmer typically consists of:

  • 30 days on site SAP HANA appliance
  • Pre-delivery set up including consultancy services to establish base line performance and success factor
  • 30 day POC support
  • Performance report and business case development
  • Appliance delivery, collection and decommissioning

What We Do ?

Éclat’ helps companies design, develop and integrate business solutions based on evolving technologies. Our Services include the development of new applications, features, extensions, enhancements, interfaces, and upgrades for existing and emerging business operations.

Through a combined on-site/offshore approach, we provide the framework for application development outsourcing plus the assurance that solutions meet customer specifications and are delivered on time and within budget.


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