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Seamless Field Service Operations

At Eclat, we specialize in Field Service Solutions that empower your business to deliver exceptional service experiences. Our expertise lies in implementing and optimizing Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL), a powerful tool that revolutionizes field service management.

Our Field Service Lightining Offerings


We thoroughly scrutinize your existing processes to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide tailored recommendations on Field Service Lightning (FSL) features that perfectly align with your business objectives. 


We facilitate a seamless transition from legacy systems to Field Service Lightning (FSL), ensuring a smooth integration process. Additionally, we expertly integrate FSL with other Salesforce modules to create a unified ecosystem, maximizing efficiency and enhancing the overall functionality of your business operations.


We customize Field Service Lightning (FSL) to perfectly align with your unique service workflows, ensuring a tailored solution that fits your exact needs. From meticulous work order management to precise scheduling and dispatch, we optimize every aspect of the process to enhance efficiency and streamline operations for maximum effectiveness.

The Eclat Advantage

Extensive Expertise

Our seasoned consultants have deep knowledge of FSL and its intricacies. We tailor solutions to your unique business needs.

Strategic Partnership

We don’t just implement FSL; we build a lasting partnership. Our commitment extends beyond project completion.

Customer-Centric Approach

At Eclat, your success is our priority. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and challenges.

Mastering Field Service Lightning

Complex Field Service Workflows

Thoroughly understanding unique field service workflows, our consultants tailor FSL solutions to efficiently manage mobile workforces, workload balancing, and meeting SLAs.

Data Integration and Legacy Systems

With expertise in integration, we ensure seamless data flow between FSL and existing systems, addressing complexities arising from diverse data sources and legacy applications.

User Adoption and Change Management

Crafting comprehensive strategies, we drive user adoption through effective training programs and documentation, facilitating a smooth transition and overcoming resistance to change.

Customization and Configuration

Our approach balances out-of-the-box functionality with customization, optimizing FSL to meet diverse field service requirements while ensuring scalability and minimizing complexity.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

By designing scalable FSL solutions that anticipate organizational growth, we ensure flexibility and future-proofing, providing careful consideration during the implementation process.

Analytics and Reporting

Leveraging FSL's analytical capabilities, we configure custom reports and dashboards aligned with business objectives, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement in field service operations.

Ready to Elevate Your Field Service?

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