Salesforce Public Sector

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As the nation continues to place higher demands on HHS agencies, they must grapple with an unforeseen challenge – outdated technology that slows down services and leaves citizens underserved. These systems are not only inefficient but costly to keep up-to-date, leaving state leaders in a dilemma of how best to progress their operations for maximum benefit.

Our team has a long legacy of partnering with government health and human service departments across the country.

At Eclat, we bring a unique combination of expertise to the table enabling us to provide tailored solutions for health and human service organizations. Our team is dedicated to leveraging Salesforce capabilities in order maximize impact reporting efficiencies while respecting budgetary needs – all with an eye towards optimizing program delivery on every level.

Our Expertise in Public Sector

Case Management

With the Salesforce Case Management solution, government agencies gain access to an innovative dashboard that provides a single source of truth. It aggregates vital information from multiple systems in order to create unparalleled visibility and control over case resolution processes – all while keeping data secure and compliant with privacy laws. By having everything they need at their fingertips, service agents can keep pace with even rapidly shifting caseloads more efficiently than ever before!

  • Deliver Intelligent Service
  • Empowers Agents with
  • Knowledge
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Integrate & save time.

Integrated Eligibility

For over 10 years, Eclat has been providing custom-made integrated solutions to government clients nationwide. Our experienced consultants understand the complexities of replacing an existing system, migrating processes onto cloud platforms and innovating current systems for improved transparency and cost efficiency – all with a view towards maximizing ROI. We offer exceptional support across public assistance programs such as MAGI Medicaid, CHIP SNAP or TANF at both state & county levels while guaranteeing seamless integration with federal insurance exchanges through our suite’s pre-built components that cover up to 80% of requirements.

  • Provide Self Service
  • Foster Engagement
  • Determine Eligibility
  • Calculate Benefits Provide real-time support

Constituent Relationship Management – CRM

Effective citizen services that meet the ever-evolving needs and expectations of modern society are now within reach. Unlock access to secure, flexible platforms equipped with apps and services for a comprehensive 360-degree environment. Not only will this provide proactive service but also facilitate connected experiences through personalized interactions – ultimately transforming citizens’ lives in terms of national security, healthcare provision, public safety or social service support. New technologies like cloud-based CRM solutions can be adopted alongside innovative strategies so as to upgrade outdated systems which will ensure seamless delivery of top-quality citizen service.

  • Improved Citizen
  • Experience
  • Provide Visibility
  • Access the Community
  • Resident Self-Service Measure KPI’s

Let us help you discover the best solution for your digital challenge.

Federal Governments

  • Create perfect, professional apps quickly and easily—even without expert coding skills!
  • Our solutions enable governments to reliably monitor the effectiveness of their public health and other initiatives, allowing for flexible scaling that can keep pace with changing needs.
  • Streamline your business needs with automated document management and e-signature solutions for improved speed, protection, and user experience.
  • Ensure your organization is always up to date with the latest compliance regulations – staying ahead of any potential risks. Stay compliant in a proactive and organized way.

State and Local Governments

  • Get a comprehensive perspective of your constituency, track service requests and project progress for optimal efficiency.
  • Empower citizens to interact directly with government departments, saving time and effort by unifying their key touchpoints. From answering queries to processing applications – make it easy for them every step of the way.
  • Deliver a seamless user experience with unified communication tools and advanced analytics to help service agents stay ahead of customer needs.
  • Increase efficiency by utilizing chatbots and automated call responses for the most frequently requested topics, allowing your staff to focus on more complex customer inquiries.

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